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beach in saona island

Caribbean islands is the island’s most romantic and most beautiful, so many young couples who spent her honeymoon in the islands. For those of you who want to spend a vacation or second honeymoon not hurt if you visit this island, and here are some list of tourist attractions worth visiting in the Caribbean. 1. Beaches in Saona Island The beach is located in the Dominican Republic, this beach has a superb panorama of the coast, with tropical climate and [...]

Muslim tourists will Rises Sharply

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In the next 10 years, is estimated, the number of Muslim tourists will increase sharply. Most of them probably are citizens of the Middle East. Starting from the spa to the availability of halal labeled musala at various airports around the world, this suggests that the world tourism industry is ready to receive Muslim travelers. Income derived from Muslim tourists are estimated at U.S. $ 192 billion per year by 2020, up from U.S. $ 126 billion in 2011, according [...]

Vacation Tips in Several Different Places

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Vacation is not just simply require preparation, such as packing. There are other preparations are quite important but often overlooked, namely the adjustment in terms of makeup. Visit places with different environmental conditions required different adjustments, for example: beach When visiting the beach always use sun cream with SPF 20 for face and body skin thoroughly to avoid the hot sun. Provide large-sized sunglasses to protect eyes from UV rays. If you intend to spend time on the edge of [...]

dubai desert safari

Dubai has become one of the world tourist destination. Dubai is one of the seven emirates and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here there is a distinct sensation of traveling the desert safari.  Head out to the desert in an SUV with specialist Desert Drivers. The drivers will take you for a roller-coaster ride over sand dunes, show you the sunset from a strategic vantage point and then take you to a lavish dinner with music [...]

The Best Tips for Honeymoon

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Here are some tips for your honeymoon, because the honeymoon is to be the most important part in marriage. You can spend time alone with your spouse. In order to run a successful honeymoon, there are steps that must be done, such as: Make a selection >> Discuss to determine the location where you want to spend the honeymoon, such as visiting a tropical or temperate climates where cold to ski together. Communication and compromise from the beginning, including the duration, [...]