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Amazing Colorfull Uluru Kata Tjuta Australia

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Uluru Kata Tjuta is also known as Ayers Rock is a large rock formation that is located in central Australia, in the Northern Territory. Uluru National Park is located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta, 400 km southwest of Alice Springs. Uluru is the second largest monolith in the world (after Mount August, also in Australia) taller than 318 meters and circumference of 8 km. Uluru depth of approximately 2.5 kilometers into the ground. Uluru is described by the explorer Ernst Giles in 1872 as a gravel extraordinary.

Uluru will change color when relying on flashes of light that shone on her at different times. Sunset rays will feature incredible views of Uluru.This monolith is formed from sandstone infiltrated with various minerals such as feldspar (Arkosik sandstone) that reflect the red light until the sun rises and sets make the glow of Uluru. This monolith get rust color from oxidation processes.

Uluru is a sacred place for Aborigines (native Australians) and has many springs, water holes, caves, and ancient paintings. Ayers Rock is the name given by European settlers, who were taken from the name of the Prime Minister of South Australia, Henry Ayers.
Uluru itself a name in the local Aboriginal language (Arrente) and has since become the official name, although for many people, especially for color non-Australian, still call it Ayers Rock. Mutitjulu Aboriginal community living in the western end of Uluru. Yulara resort town, located 21 km from Uluru which lies outside the national park

Kata Tjuta, literally means’ Many Chief “visible from a strange shape, a rock formation that is approximately 25 km from Uluru. Some people in Australia call the Olgas Kata Tjuta. Areas with special scenery and the access road and parking area have been builtto give satisfaction to the tourists of the best views of both sites at dawn or dusk.

On October 26, 1985, the Australian government returned ownership of Uluru to the local Aboriginal community. Anangu (people) from the tribe Pitjantjtjara then lease back of Uluru to the government for 99 years as a National Park, although the government was violating two of the agreements they have made previously, concerning the demands of indigenous peoples, that visitors respect the sacred status of Uluru by not climbing the rock.

You will see an early dawn and witness the rising sun slowly opened the blanket the slopes and the colors of Uluru (Ayers Rock) or get to experience the wonders Kata Tjuta (Olgas), as well as a series of rocky dome that emerged from the desert of Australia. It is a sacred place for Aboriginal people

ayers rock

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