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Beaches That You Must Visit in The Caribbean

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Caribbean islands is the island’s most romantic and most beautiful, so many young couples who spent her honeymoon in the islands. For those of you who want to spend a vacation or second honeymoon not hurt if you visit this island, and here are some list of tourist attractions worth visiting in the Caribbean.

1. Beaches in Saona Island
The beach is located in the Dominican Republic, this beach has a superb panorama of the coast, with tropical climate and white sand, calm beaches perfect for diving or swimming.

beach in saona island  Beaches That You Must Visit in The Caribbean

beach in saona island

2. Grand Anse beach in St. George’s,
This beautiful beach is located exactly two miles of white sand beaches in the Caribbean. This beach is also located far from metropolitan areas, so you can unwind and relax with your family and your partner at the weekend. Grand Anse Beach are known for their natural beauty. This makes it a popular beach. There are many activities that can be done on this coast, ranging from water skiing to scuba diving. Along the coast, you’ll find places where water sports equipment rental and sell t-shirts, a variety of coral jewelry and native crafts Grenada.

Grand Anse Beach Carribean  Beaches That You Must Visit in The Caribbean

Grand Anse Beach - Carribean

3. Puerto Cruz beach on Margarita Island, Venezuela.
All these beaches have similar characteristics, calm waves, white sand, uneven pigmentation of marine plankton and make the water blue and has a palm tree lined beaches on the outer line.

Puerto Cruz beach  Beaches That You Must Visit in The Caribbean

Puerto Cruz beach

Moreover here you can enjoy the flora and fauna typical of the Caribbean. Examples which Crocodile Cuba does not exist in other areas. Because this region includes areas with the protection of species of fish, or other marine animals.

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