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Ha Long Bay, Romantic and Mysterious of Vietnam

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Ha Long Bay is one of the New7Wonders of Nature and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Halong Bay is a popular travel destination and is the most beautiful tourist destination, located in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. Halong Bay has beautiful scenery with thousands of limestone islands and hundreds of boats out on the water. The limestone in this bay has gone through 500 million years of formation in different conditions and environments. The evolution of the karst in this bay has taken 20 million years under the impact of the tropical wet climate. Its waters are host to a great diversity of ecosystems including offshore coral reefs, freshwater swamp forests, mangrove forests, small freshwater lakes, and sandy beaches.

Limestone caves of the most famous being the Cave Hang Dou or the Grotte des Merveilles. Various forms of stunning like torches, elephants, monkeys and dragons so exciting visitors passing through the bottom of the caves. The beauty of Halong Bay can only be felt fully if you stay in a traditional boat (junk), but for those who do not have more time of course also a good day trip. So do not let you miss the natural beauty of  Halong Bay.

Ha Long bay 4- beautiful scenery

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