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Havasu Falls located in Grand Canyon National Park (1 ½ miles from Supai). This is an absolutely amazingly beautiful waterfalls and arguably the most famous and most visited of all the falls in the canyon. The falls consist of one main chute that drops over a 120-foot (37 m) vertical cliff (due to the high mineral content of the water, the falls are ever-changing and sometimes break into two separate chutes of water) into a large pool. The falls are known for their natural pools, created by mineralization. It tumbles some 90ft in a pair of plumes as they plunge off travertine cliffs into turquoise pools below. There are many picnic tables on the opposite side of the creek and it is very easy to cross over by following the edges of the pools. It is possible to swim behind the falls and enter a small rock shelter behind it. Havasu Falls is accessed from a trail on the right side (left side when heading upstream) of the main trail. The side trail leads across a small plateau and drops into the main pool. So enjoy the Natural Beauty of Havasu Falls.

Havasu Falls - Grand Canyon National Park

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