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Koh Adang, Beautiful Remote Island in Thailand

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Koh Adang is one of the most beautiful island in Thailand that has a pristine sand beaches, located about 42 miles west of Tarutao.  The island is  dominated by the towering rock formations, which adds to the beauty of the island. Decorated by the forests and rivers of fresh water near the shore. This place is famous for green sea turtles that come ashore between September and December to spawn.  And this was a great experience that very few people find.

This is the perfect destination for those of you who want to find a beautiful secluded island, far from the crowds, and the frenetic city life. You can enjoy basking in the sun with sand, or hiking on foot or by longtail to see the waterfall Ratana. The island has one restaurant that is open from 7:00 - 21:00,but the menu is limited to simple Thai dishes and Western breakfasts. The restaurant also sells toiletries and pre-packaged snacks.

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