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Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain located in Cape Town in South Africa. The peak is formed from rocks that are composed by glaciers millions of years ago. The mountain is called Table Mountain because of its distinctive, thus offering exceptional views of the city beneath it. To reach the top, can be reached by foot or using the cable car. The top cable station offers Viewpoints, Curio shops, a restaurant and walking trails of Various lengths. Not only that Table Mountain has become one of the very excited and visited by hikers, this place became one of the goals of the climb because when they are climbing, and just above Table Mountain, they will see sights that are served very beautiful and amazing.

Even more interesting, in the mountains there are more than 2250 species of plants, where some were not found in other countries. There is even an area, whose size is approximately the size of a football field, which is inhabited by a group of butterflies that exist only in the area. Most popular activities is hiking on Table Mountain is popular amongst locals and tourists, and a number of trails of varying difficulty are available. Rock climbing on Table Mountain is a very popular pastime. And the Caving Most of the world’s important caves occur in limestone but Table Mountain is unusual in having several large cave systems that have developed in sandstone.

Table Mountain Cape town - view from aerial

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