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vath On November - 14 - 2010

Acropolis  of  Athens is a rocky plateau as high as 156 m, and there are some ruins of an ancient building that was once the temple who were the historical center of Athens. Was built 1,300 years BC. Acropolis is actually a lovely little town, to destroy the Persian empire in 480 BC. A year later the Greek army defeated the Persians and rebuilt temples.Between the years 467 until 404 BC, the building was completed. In 1834 Athens became the capital of Greece, King Otto set the Acropolis as a protected archaeological buildings. In 1975 the restored Acropolis.

Athens is the oldest capital in Europe, where berawalnya mashur works first. Birthplace of European theater, the birthplace of democracy is the choice of many famous philosophers terkemuka.Sejumlah countries also had ‘grazed’ here, and artists. Call it the name of the famous works of Aristophanes comedy. Aischylos, Euripides, Sophocles, who wrote the works of drama. Phidias created the works of sculpture and Socrates who founded the philosophical school after his suicide death continued by his pupil, Plato.
Small islands around Athens being the birthplace of figures such as Hippocrates father of medicine. Pythagorean philosopher as well as mathematicians and physicists. Then Sappho, origin Lesbos.Termasuk island and also the first Olympic marathon figures derived from the Greek.

acropolis landmark

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