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Vacation Tips in Several Different Places

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vacation 300x213 Vacation Tips in Several Different Places


Vacation is not just simply require preparation, such as packing. There are other preparations are quite important but often overlooked, namely the adjustment in terms of makeup. Visit places with different environmental conditions required different adjustments, for example:

When visiting the beach always use sun cream with SPF 20 for face and body skin thoroughly to avoid the hot sun. Provide large-sized sunglasses to protect eyes from UV rays. If you intend to spend time on the edge of the sea, do not use accessories made ??of metal so that no reaction occurred.

The climate in mountainous areas usually make the skin becomes dry conditions so you should take the form of protective body lotion, body cream or body butter. Try to use it more often than usual to keep the skin moist. If needed, use syaal or gloves.

City area into a tourist destination that is not less attractive for some people. But that does not mean there is no preparation for your skin. Always prepare and facial moisturizing spray that contains vitamin C to keep your face feeling fresh as a walk.

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