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vath On August - 23 - 2011

Vättern is the second largest lake in Sweden. Vättern famous for its crystal clear fresh water quality. The water can be drunk safely from every point on the lake. The lake’s total surface area is about 1,912 km², with a drainage basin a little over double that, about 4,503 km². Many of the municipalities in the area receive their drinking water directly from Vättern. Vättern is also noted for its fishing, serving people in the nearby districts. Tourist sport fishermen and vacationers are free to fish in the lake as long as they don’t use nets. The lake is also used for commercial fishing.

Beautiful lakes often visit and become an attractive tourist spot and a fitting place for family recreation during the holidays. Lake Vattern is also famous for its view of beauty. Bike lanes are built around the lake. In addition, the sailboats are also lined up waiting for the right to sail. In winter, when water freezes. Society uses the lake for ice fishing, skating, and even a sauna.

Lake Vattern beautiful views 2 Vättern,  Crystal Clear Fresh Water Lakes

Lake Vattern - beautiful views 2

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